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16 & 17 October 2014

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Topics & Speakers


Zac Zavos, Conversant Media – How to build and shape audiences to increase online traffic

Ian Farmer, Zuni – Online advertising trends

Michelle Williams, Ideaction – Participation is the New Consumption

Nancy Georges, Magnolia Solutions – Why every business is a retailer

Clinton Cowin, TradiePad – The Mobile Revolution: Paper to the Cloud in Trades & Services Industry

Pip Cleaves, Design Learn Empower – The Power of Your Public Narrative

Christian Lafrance, ABC – A shortcut to improve the focus and adoption of your innovation

Kali Williams, USA – Bossy or Bro? How not to be a douche in a digital age


Con Georgiou, One Million Acts of Innovation – How culture eats strategy for breakfast

Tim Rayner, One Million Acts of Innovation  – Peers Incorporated – How to build a home grown collaborative economy

Gary Ellem, UoN – Designing a Car You Don’t want to Own

Bane Hunter, The Loop – Darwin was Wrong – Survival Tools for your Digital Startup

Trent Bagnall, Slingshot – How corporate Australia can utilise the tools of the start-up community for disruptive innovation

Phil Smart, Burning Seed Australia – The Burning Man

Wyn Jones & Warren Reilly, UoN – 3D Printing: Do we really need it?

Jed White, Tribe Vibe USA – The Boulder experience: Creating a tech-city ecosystem

Jeff Julian, UoN – The Superhuman Age


The Future of Retail

The Future of Education


Filip Reese, 99Designs – Creating Digital Products the Silicon Valley Way

Heidi Alexandra-Pollard & Christina Gerakiteys – Creativity & Innovation on a Shoestring

Jordan Kind, Vend – Transforming your retail business with technology

Nancy Georges – Customer Service in the Age of “ME”

General Assembly – Launch your own website in 90 minutes

Open Innovation Scrum – What are the qualities of an innovative personality and how can we cultivate and sustain them?

Kim Chatterjee & May Chan, Optimal Experience / PwC How to Create a Winning Pitch



Dr Kerrie Buhagiar & Justin Farrell, – The world’s first online mental health service

Frances Kay-Lambkin, NHMRC CRE in Mental Health and Substance Use – It’s worth a try- integrating technology into the treatment of mental health and addictive disorders

Daniel Donahoo, Project Synthesis – Why Montessori would have loved digital technology?

Larissa Hjorth, RMIT University – Visualising Ambient Play

Rafael Calvo, University of Sydney – Positive Computing: Technologies for wellbeing and human potential

Michelle Blanchard, Young and Well Cooperative Research Centre & Elisabeth Tuckey, headspace  – Supporting the mental health and wellbeing of young people

Elisabeth Tuckey, headspace – Got a lot going on? No Shame in talking it out.


Angela Mason, Lifeline – Technology Helps Save Lives in Suicide Prevention

Randal Newton-John, On the Line – Always on – challenges of online counselling in a world that never sleeps

Janine Scott, beyondblue – Intercepting Men. A 360 degree approach: character, content and context

How tele-health will shape our health system in the future: using technology to save lives – See more at:

Zoe Betar, National Centre of Indigenous Excellence – Building a Community of Excellence – Keeping young Indigenous people engaged, connected and safe online

Luke Pearson, IndigenousX – Racism: Challenges and responsibilities online

Health Panels


Jaelea Skehan, John Feneley, Chris Pycroft, Janet Hopkins, Daniel Donahoo & HyNRG Member – What does innovation and embracing a digital world mean in mental health?


Jaelea Skehan, Sean Parnell, Chris Wagner, Jennifer Muir, Neal Mann & Marc Bryant – Embracing a digital paradigm when communicating about mental health 

Jo Robinson, Jaelea Skehan & Michelle Blanchard – Young People, Social Media and Suicide Prevention

Health Workshops


Janet Hopkins, SANE Australia – Hacking mental health – exploring creative technology solutions for mental health issues

HyNRG Members & Youth Brains Trust Members – A scorecard from young people – hits and misses when it comes to technology and mental health


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3D Printing: Do we really need it?

3D printing. Is it the Napster of the manufacturing industry? Or, is it just a short-term trend? Some critics are claiming that 3D printing will lead to unregulated and excessive production of low-quality goods. Whilst for others, it is hailed as a revolutionary technology which is going to create a radical shift in consumerism. We aim to demystify the controversy surrounding 3D printing by explaining the origins of the technology to its contemporary use as a production process. We provide…

Workshop: Transforming your retail business with technology

Jordon King of Vend will discuss:  your current strategy marketing your business (e.g’s social / pop-up stores / CRM) installing technology (e.g moving your business over to the cloud) finding the right payment solution (step-by-step guide on shopping around) how do you tie all of this together (apply best practice)   Jordan King Jordan King is Director of Business Development, APAC at Vend. Jordan joined Vend (as employee #50) back in July 2013, bringing more than nine years of retail…

The Boulder experience: Creating a tech-city ecosystem – The entrepreneur’s perspective

What brings startups and entrepreneurs to a town, city or even country? How do you create an ecosystem that supports and attracts them? Startups communities have sprung to life in cities across the United States from Austin to Boston to Boulder, and in countries like Iceland and Ireland. They bring with them innovation, excitement, cultural and urban renewal, high quality jobs and infrastructure, and civic pride. The old dominant cities like New York and Detroit have seen the impact, and…

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