Masterclasses: How to Market, Grow & Automate Your Business
13 & 14 October 2016
Harbourview Function Centre, Newcastle

A relentless cycle of innovation we are experiencing has led to an unprecedented era of change, where new technology and business models are emerging daily to threaten our once dominant and secure industries and organisations.

The problem for organisations is that they are not evolving their business models quite as rapidly as technology. Most are still in the relatively early stages of transitioning from industrially driven to digitally driven strategies and operational models.

Two days of essential information for all businesses wanting to achieve
higher growth & greater business efficiency

DiG 2016 will highlight industry experts in a variety of fields conducting “Masterclasses” on how to Market, Grow & Automate your business using the very latest technology and thinking. These in-depth sessions will provide attendees with a framework to navigate change, not only to survive, but to thrive in the new economy.


Since 2013 DiG Festival has attracted major speakers from the USA, Great Britain, New Zealand and around Australia to anchor each event and ensure that it is seen as a truly national or international event with vibrant social activity.

The DiG Festival is designed to also be a showcase to the world for the Hunter Region and Newcastle as not only a tourist destination but a center of innovative expertise and entrepreneurial excellence.



Harbourview Function Centre

Newcastle has a vibrant and innovative cultural scene plus a sizable music, art, film, technology and medical communities.

The region is well known as a trial area for many innovative projects; currently we are trailing the Smart Grid technology and various Government e-health initiatives.


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