Official Program for DiG 2016

September 26, 2016


DiG 2016 is a true 2-Day Masterclass for business owners and managers determined to take their businesses to the next level. Our intention is to show you how to Market, Automate & Grow your business using the latest technology and thinking.

Official Program

Day 1

8:45am Introduction: Why, what & who

9:00am Steph Hinds (Growthwise) & Craig Wilson (Sticky) – The 21st Century Business Gap Analysis: A workshop exercise to discover your business strengths & weaknesses

9:30am Video presentation – Start With Why: WHAT you sell is far less important than WHY you sell it

9:45am Brian Daly (The Proverbials) – The Zeitgeist Strategy: These days it is no use just making ads, you have to create a phenomenon. Learn how to go about creating the right conditions to bring the strategy to life & gain valuable insights into your core business proposition

10:45am Morning Tea

11:00am Rebecca Caroe (Creative Agency Secrets NZ) – Local Marketing for your Business: 8 low cost marketing tactics which can be used by businesses of any size in order to grow sales in their local town, city and state.

12:30pm Lunch

1:15pm Anna Farthing (Doughheads) – Case Study: a local SME success story

1:45pm Wayne Schmidt (Karbon) – Be The Wizard: How to become a thought leader in your industry

2:30pm Christina Gerakiteys (Ideation at Work) & Heidi Alexandra Pollard (UQ Power) – The Future of Work: Four key ingredients to ensure you survive and thrive

4:00pm Adam Rockett (Strike Capital) – Agglomeration: A new business model to solve the biggest issues faced by entrepreneurs

530pm DiG Drinks and Networking

Day Two

8:45am University of Newcastle – Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the Hunter

9:00am James Vidler  – The Hunter Innovation Project

9:10am Trent Bagnall (Slingshot) – Scale like a Startup: How to use agile startup thinking for hyper growth

9:40am Craig Wilson (Sticky) – The End of the Hard Sell: How to create an endless supply of motivated customers who come to you

11:00am Morning Tea

11:15am Samantha Alford (GetUDigital) – Marketing Automation: Turn your visitors & leads into customers with automated conversion strategies

12:15pm Lunch

1:00pm Werner Combrinck (Xero) – Using Social Media to building a community / fan base

2:00pm Ben Melia (Valiant Finance) – Case Study: Successful startup that has disrupted a traditional industry and scaled rapidly

2:30pm Break

2:45pm Steph Hinds (Growthwise) – Eliminate, Automate, Delegate: Creating the lean, hyper-efficient company

4:15pmSteph Hinds & Craig Wilson – Your Business Master Plan: Use these 2 days of information to take your business to the next level

4:45pm Close

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